MP3: Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital

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Bouncy, memorable pop songs are kind of like the play-action pass. If you have a good run game (read as: songwriting chops), the D (in this case, the audience) always bites and you’ve got a big play on your hands.

Wildlife Control are already in the endzone celebrating because “Analog or Digital” just took it to the house.

Vocally the track takes me back to my early youth, and with the chugging guitar acting as a steady and hypnotic beat I have probably listened to this track eleven or twelve times in a row now.

The second track on Analog or Digital is titled “Ohai (Do I Know You?)” and it’s no slouch either. Sunny and bright and much more laid back, it might appeal to those of you who are lucky enough to be experiencing warm weather while it’s cold here in the states.

Download both tracks below, hit Wildlife Control up on Facebook and Tumblr if you like what you hear.

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MP3: Wildlife Control – Analog or Digital

MP3: Wildlife Control – Ohai (Do I Know You?)

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