Video: The Rest – Always On My Mind

0 Posted by - 02/07/2013 - One Timer
[youtube height=”400″ width=”520″][/youtube] …

9 months ago-ish, I actually posted a different video for this very same song. It was a scripted live shot, and it was kind of creepy.

I’ve got great news, though! “Always On My Mind” is still an absolutely dreamy track. It sounds like I imagine trying to swim through a vat of taffy would feel. The bad news is that is video is also mildly creepy, though this time it’s more somber than anything.

The Rest like animal heads, that much I have ascertained. That’s cool, I do too. They are beginning to remind me of the indie rock version of Hotline Miami, without the violence, naturally. Both are great stuff.

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