Video: The Dead Ships – You Were Young

0 Posted by - 12/21/2012 - One Timer

It seems only fitting that as the year winds down, something new from The Dead Ships crosses my path.

These guys are hands down one of the very best discoveries I’ve ever made as a result of starting Sirens of Decay, and their music is definitely a cut above when you consider the way The Dead Ships build songs that are so elegant, yet also easily accessible for any fan of good ole rock ‘n roll.

While the band is no longer a duo, the group (add Alex Moore on bass) has successfully scraped, clawed and bullied their way onto my iPhone and iTunes via their wonderful debut Electric Ahab more times than just about any other album from 2012.

As bands often do, they continue to gain fans and reach new milestones. Now they have released their first narrative video for “You Were Young”. If you haven’t heard this track, you need to. I called it “A” status last summer.

The video is every bit as beautiful (and mournful) as the track, and it just looks great. It was shot by Kelly Reed and Jay Carey, and follows a young lady from the beach to the end where she realizes life is a trap for the sand on the beach.

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