Video: Technicolor Hearts – Pretty

2 Posted by - 02/22/2014 - One Timer

It’s hard to believe, but the last time I wrote about Technicolor Hearts was April of 2012. Granted, part of that nearly two year gap has been my own lack of organization, but that is still a long time in the music blogging world. No worries, though. There’ll be more Technicolor in your hearts soon as I’m sitting on another track to post from the duo. If you can’t wait, hit the Bandcamp link below. It’s already out.

In the meantime, let’s talk about this video.  My favorite track on their Corpus Christi EP, the stately pace of “Pretty” evokes the very wedding and funeral scenes that Naomi Cherie is experiencing. While it’s easy to become mesmerized by Cherie’s voice and presence in the video, the most effective scenes are those that feature multi-instrumentalist Joseph Salazar as well. There is one shot in particular where he is looking on longingly from the periphery as the bride walks by, like a soul lost and left in a vaulted purgatory.

Head over and grab Technicolor Heart’s latest, Under The Big Blue Umbrella Sky on their Bandcamp. You can download “Pretty” for free.

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