Video: Slow No Wake – Leave The Light On

0 Posted by - 03/03/2014 - One Timer

Soundtrack music, that’s what we’ll call “Leave The Light On” by the aptly named Slow No Wake. Besides crafting impeccable electronic tunes, Adam Rensch appears to have a knack for naming things. Seeing “slow, no wake” on a buoy he cribbed it for use for his musical moniker, setting out to create an album that “sounded like the way it feels to float in water.” It has to be the near the top of the naming charts, particularly for folks who don’t get the reference originally.

While you melt away or sink into “Leave The Light On”, do it with the accompanying video. Set to what is easily one of the most awkward old performance videos known to exist, you have to admire how the folks in the video go at it without a care in the world. True commitment.

Whoever they are, I’m quite certain they are proud.

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