Video: Pebaluna – No, I Can’t

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It was only a little over a week ago that I put up the stream to Pebaluna’s “No, I Can’t”. Since then, I had noticed from my Sirens Facebook feed that they were producing “Pebasodes” – webcasts created by the band showcasing their talents and basically giving you a window into the group. Pebasode 12 featured a live performance of “No, I Can’t”…basically, the music video.

In one word, it’s breathtaking. First, there’s my well documented finger snaps bias. And there’s a lot of finger snapping going on in the intro of this piece. Then there’s the simple melody of the track, delivered gracefully by the band. It’s sparse and extremely functional, creating the canvas for the vocals to really shine. The members of Pebaluna really seem to be feeling the song which in turn makes me enjoy it that much more.

Lauren Coleman’s voice is pitch perfect to the recording. Previously I said the recording was “anchored by a voice that seems both world weary and innocent simultaneously.” I neglected to mention the fullness of those vocals. The pain seems real, and this time I detected a hint of bitterness.

While on the subject of bitterness, I couldn’t help but notice the charm of all the members of Pebaluna playing barefoot. Oh wait, there was one exception. Bassist Jonathan Grillo apparently is pro flip-flops or else.

At least he has a cool mustache.

Pebaluna are releasing Carny Life on 9/18 and you can get up with the band on Facebook.



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