Video: Nacosta – Strangers

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The dude smoking in the intro was a hard man, you can tell.

Feast your eyes on Nacosta’s “Strangers”, directed by Sheva Kafai. It’s taken from the first release in the single series, Folie à Deux b/w Strangers which is available for exactly zero pennies on their bandcamp.

I’m not sure if Ms. Kafai or the band intended the video to be haunting or not, but it really has this weird vibe of nostalgia mixed with an underlying sense that maybe things weren’t as great as you remembered. This is a stretch for some of you, I’m sure, but I honest can’t help but think of The Machinist when I see that shot of the car into the tunnel and I have no clue why. I can’t find a clip of a similar scene on Google, so maybe I’m imagining it…but the tenor of this track and such kind of add to that feeling for me.

but you’re such a clever traveling man / always been on the run / they said you was squeezed from a gun

That’s good stuff right there. Watch.


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