Video & MP3: Work Drugs – Time

0 Posted by - 01/08/2014 - One Timer

Are Work Drugs the hardest working group in indie pop? I’m not qualified to answer, but you would be hard pressed to find an outfit more prolific than these folks in the past year. They released Mavericks last summer and now drop the word that they are sitting on a new LP, Insurgents, which is coming out March 4th.

“Time” breaks the cold spell that’s been on your heart since the holidays ended, propping your soul up with infectious sounds – nevermind all that stuff about love lost. Work Drugs are one of those bands that could make a root canal sound energetic and invigorating – they might sing about time lost and love slipping through your fingers, but the sounds behind it scream of better days.

After all, it’s about time. It heals all, or so they say.

Pre-order Insurgents on Bandcamp. Download “Time” by clicking through the Soundcloud player below and enjoy the video above.

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