Video: Lovers Drugs – Drift Off

0 Posted by - 05/03/2012 - One Timer

Youtube brings us lots of things. I’ve watched Star Wars spoofs, horrible web cam star wannabes, music videos, clips from some of my favorite sports and/or TV memories…the list is endless, and of course, not always good.

It’s surprising the amount of music videos I get in my inbox – in my eyes it’s sort of a dying form of expression so it always shocks me a little when a lot of the bands who send their music over (most of them with no label, or very little backing if they have a label) also attach a video or three. It’s always interesting to see each group’s cleverness (or lack of!) on display and “Drift Off” by Lovers Drugs takes the cake for most entertaining video of the year so far.

Set at the fictional 1982 Video Game World Championship, it’s a pretty funny look at stereotypes and at video games in general. Gotta love the T-Rex chasing Rusty at the end, as well.

Let the fun not take away from the song, which is incredibly catchy and definitely not what I was expecting from the band. The rest of their album is available for streaming via Soundcloud – I highly recommend a listen if you like rock with a little pizzazz and punchiness.

You can also find Lovers Drugs on Facebook.

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