Video: Lamp – Feel The Ghost

0 Posted by - 01/13/2014 - One Timer

Wanna get weird? It always kind of creeps me out when I see bands/PR folks/advertisements/people say that, so I wanted to say it just once. On a more serious note, this Lamp video is pretty weird; totally in a good way, but it’s definitely out there.

Colorful, disconcerting, and oddly endearing at the same time, “Feel The Ghost” has to be in the top five of my most enjoyable video submissions of the last three plus years I’ve been running this blog. The band, Lamp, “is an experimental rock group from Chicago that combines electronics with oversized guitar sounds and frenetic vocal work.” This track, combined with this video, reminds me of some trippy scene from a novel mixed with the Dead Rising raincoat/True Eye cult. It’s awesome.

You can find more Lamp on Bandcamp.

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