Video: Jhameel – A Maiden Calling

0 Posted by - 08/03/2012 - One Timer

Jhameel is back with a brand new video for his track “A Maiden Calling”. The track was part of his single series a little bit back, Are You Free, and I think you’ll enjoy the sights and sounds of this one.

Jhameel takes a turn as the dashing lead attempting to rescue/find the damsel, played by a rather mischievous young lady who has a few features in common with one Lady Gaga. The whole video was created by Jhameel and his live band – Ryan Rubin, Kasper Smits, and Nikita Ahmad. They did a great job shooting it, and it’s almost a quest meets action adventure flick which I found very interesting.

I was actually genuinely wondering what was going to happen at the end…would there be a twist? I can’t say that about most videos I come across.

If you don’t already know Jhameel, you can check out a boatload of his music on Soundcloud…and it’s all free for your grubby iPods and Zunes. Get downloading!

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