Video: Inspired and the Sleep – Sink

1 Posted by - 02/12/2015 - One Timer

Inspired and the Sleep released a video for “Sink”, which is being re-released on the Coming Up For Air EP.

Almost two years ago to the day, I wrote about the track after first hearing it:

The DNA of Inspired And The Sleep has always been light tones, dreamy, wave-like vocals combined with airy, ethereal production. While there have been tracks that had a strong beat, I can’t recall any that thump quite so heavily as “Sink” does with it’s percussion.

There’s a lot going on in this song. The sound of woodwind instruments permeate, with an interesting new mini-operatic bridge vocalized by Max himself. I guess operatic is a strong word, but a more skintight descriptor evades me currently. Whenever you hear an Inspired And The Sleep track you can bet every penny you own on it having a pretty memorable hook, and this track is certainly no exception. If anything, this entire track is quite memorable, almost flirty, and has an undeniable charm that gets into your bones.

“Sink” feels like Inspired And The Sleep went through a metamorphosis after Teenager. and this is the adult version of the project I have came to love. Where most musicians and groups falter when growing their sound in new directions, I feel like this slight shift for Max and Inspired And The Sleep is both well thought out and well executed.”

Enjoy the video, and maybe swap out your liquor with some milk every now and then.

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