Video: Gold Light – Divine Light

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Gold Light are from Asheville, NC, a relatively short drive from my home of Knoxville. I was surprised to receive something from home, to be honest. I’ve posted one artist from Asheville that I can remember and have never heard from another to my knowledge. I know there’s stuff going on down that way, but it’s never made it’s way to my inbox – particularly since I moved away. I’m glad to see that trend change.

[pullquote align=”left”]but there’s a line that divides what lies ahead from what’s behind, and sometimes we need reminding its all what we decide[/pullquote]

With a touch of Americana, a dab of the golden 50’s, “Divine Light” is both a plea for and a promise of love in a life full of great divides. The video features a plethora of candid shots and interesting scenes, portraying some wistful shots of life, fun and love on the road in a pitch perfect way. “Divine Light” could make you shed a tear in regret as easily as it could uplift you if you happen to experience the kind of love Joe Chang describes.

It’s pretty hard to land a song in the ‘tears and cheers’ category unless your name is Celine Dion, but here we are, and that’s a compliment.

As you head out into the world today, or scrape through it to make it to tomorrow, throw on “Divine Light” and remember it’s all in what we decide.

You can grab their self titled LP on Bandcamp. It’s due out March 11th.

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