Video: Dirty Beaches – Love Is The Devil

0 Posted by - 02/05/2013 - One Timer
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This is looking like Music Video Tuesday on Sirens of Decay. This particular Youtube link isn’t so much a video as it is a stream of a new track from Dirty Beaches.

Dirty Beaches is electric. Also eclectic. And apparently a bit tortured.

I’ll let Alex’s Youtube response to a comment (criticism) posted to this video speak for him:

“i don’t care about pleasing your expectations. i just do what I want to write. you can judge it all you want. modulated synth chords. I was crying my fucking eyes out when i wrote this and punching myself in the face. I don’t give a shit about what peoples expectations are. This is why I’m doing this record. its for myself and my life.”

Hear hear!

I don’t care what you do buddy, just so long as it involves you continuing to make music.

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