Video: Diamond Mind – Dragon Egg

1 Posted by - 03/03/2014 - One Timer

Diamond Mind caught my ears a few weeks back with “Swimsuit Scene” and its slightly scathing take on loneliness and the scenes that surround the feeling of failing to fit in. The Edmonton group had been up to more than releasing their EP Fake Tape, however.

“Dragon Egg” is the unofficial official single from Fake Tape  – a far more electronic and airy piece with a beguiling sound that wouldn’t find its intro out of place in the background of an episode of The Yellow King True Detective. Barring that happening, Diamond Mind went ahead and created their video for “Dragon Egg” with alternate universe K.I.S.S. in mind.

The video portrays the band answering the call to evil from a golden skeletal hand as they gather to march, commit arson, make a big mess with fake blood, and be bad ass in general. There’s some neat scenes in here and a fair bit of unintentional humor baked into the tongue in cheek rendition of a cult assembly. Its not Carcosa, but its a great video.

On a mildly interesting side note, the guy who gets doused in the sacrificial blood (hereafter known as “the blood guy” to me as I do not know his real name) looks an awful, awful lot like Washington Capital centerman Nicklas Backstrom. Look at those pics at the links and tell me you don’t see it.

Make sure you head over to Bandcamp and pick up Fake Tape.

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