Video: Crimes – Poison

0 Posted by - 04/05/2013 - One Timer

I talked in length about Crimes (MN) and their upcoming album Thin Sunlight. You got to hear “Cloud Creep”, and if you were enterprising enough, even got a chance to stream the entire album way ahead of it’s May release.

One thing I notice the more I listen to Crimes is their interesting delivery of vocals. While they are hardly the first to go the straight-faced route, when I listen to “Poison” I’m struck as much by the mock severity of the tone as I am the undeniable effectiveness of it. This single features a weird elasticity in it’s rhythm work, particularly the guitars, which I can totally get behind. “Poison” sounds like the stage between panic and coma after you were bit by the rattlesnake.

The video for “Poison” seems very Oz-like to me, but I could be wrong. It’s all in black and white and seems to flow pretty well with the track itself. You can watch the video above or stream the track below.

Pre-order Thin Sunlight on Bandcamp. It’s out May 3rd.

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