Video: Ceiling Demons – Someone Great

1 Posted by - 02/23/2014 - One Timer

I have to admit to being more or less completely ignorant of UK rap. Completely. It’s a strange thing that UK rap hasn’t crossed the pond in the same way all of their other music does. I enjoy it when I hear it, but I never really hear it. My surprise was tenfold, then, when I got an e-mail from a group called Ceiling Demons and they weren’t a punk band. They were a hip-hop group from Yorkshire.

[pullquote align=”left”]I sit up drinking, keep on asking myself why have I done some things that turn friends against me? Loved ones, I love you but I’m feeling empty[/pullquote]

Loosely labeled as “sincere” hip-hop, Ceiling Demons “Someone Great” features some of the more beautiful rhymes I can remember. Don’t be confused, this single isn’t beautiful in the traditional sense – it’s quite bleak at times – but the delivery of identical twins Psy Ceiling and Dan Demon transform this track into a moving exposition on life and finding your way back for the down and out.

Seeing as the hip-hop genre in America is dominated by money and guns and people are soured on it, why haven’t we tapped into this UK life stream of rap? “Someone Great” isn’t the track to shift units on iTunes, but it’s a wonderful listen and undeniably more likely to shift hearts.

The video for “Someone Great” is desolate for the vast majority of the scenes, ultimately echoing the words of the second verse. As the narrator opens his eyes, the final message remains true.

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