Video: Body Parts – Rest While You Sleep

0 Posted by - 04/08/2013 - One Timer

“Rest While You Sleep” was one of the original Sirens of Decay tracks of the week in February. The band is Body Parts, and they possess the ability to write some pretty amazing pop tunes.

It’s now April and folks are starting to stir and get out and about, enjoying this 70+ degree weather. I doubt that had any influence on Body Parts releasing this video, but they sure as hell shot most of it on a very beautiful day.

Body Parts gets down with some Tai Chi, inspired by this video of Tai-Chi Grandmaster Tenzin Hirakawa. No green screens were used in this footage. It’s just brilliantly shot and very pretty to observe. Kudos to Matt Sobel for the direction, and of course his co-conspirator and Body Parts vocalist Ryder Bach. Enjoy.

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