Video: Alligator Indian – Corpsing

0 Posted by - 03/04/2014 - One Timer

Asheville’s own Alligator Indian, as I’ve discussed previously, are one of those groups I enjoy throwing on but have no real point of basis to explain. It just “is”, and by being “is”, it “is” good. I’ll be frank though, it’s no springtime jam. You’re looking at October music when trees start to die and the fog is rolling in.

Anyway, these humble musical purveyors have released a (strange) video for “Corpsing”, which pairs nicely with Diamond Mind’s video for “Dragon Egg” I put up yesterday. I’m not certain Alligator Indian were going for the occult, but they certainly applied the abstract and creepy.

Download their EP More Songs About Animals and TV on Bandcamp for name-your-own-price.

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