Things Change And So Do We (I)

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I’ve spent a good deal of my free time thinking about Sirens of Decay and it’s direction. It’s consumed my thoughts for a few weeks now. Considering where we came from (really, you should look at that picture), Sirens has certainly exceeded my expectations at this point. I’ve learned a lot about how to deal with the struggles of the internet. Whether it be of the website, e-mail, or google-fu variety, I’ve had my share of “WTF” moments and times I wanted to throw the keyboard through the monitor. I’ve also had a great deal of fun.

I thought about Sirens and what it’s style or message really was. Everyone runs their ship in their own way, of course. In particular, I am the type to change my sails on the fly and go with a new look, a new style, or a new feature on a whim. That kind of tinkering has entertained me, frustrated me, and generally took up more of my time than I’d care to admit. Maybe a little too much time, in retrospect, as it feels like there have been points where I’ve let the main reason for this website slip to the back burner.

That would be the music.

In the last month or two, I feel I’ve taken a less personal approach to reviewing than I’d have liked. Ideally, every post is filled with my own personality, much like the music itself is filled with the artist’s. You can read blogs with a synopsis of “This new track by X  is fantastic. X is releasing Y on Z, buy it at Q…” all over the internet. I’ve flirted with that style before. I’ve put up tracks only with no words at all. I’ve flirted with being very descriptive and going essay-length. I’ve often landed in some happy medium between those three options, however. The recent time frame has seen more of the former than the latter, however. The sheer volume of music was getting to me, and I felt One Timers was the answer to that equation.

Now, I believe it’s something else.

I want to make the act of writing up a single personal again. I want to speak about the artist and/or track in a way that isn’t by the book, first in first out, “sounds like x, sings like y”. I want folks to be surprised by the content. I want readers and fly-by-night visitors to stop for a minute and think, or just visit for a laugh. This thing doesn’t have to be so serious all the time. After all, the intention is to promote the artist and have a little fun doing it, right? How better to accomplish this than for people, the artist included, to be genuinely interested in what you’re writing about them?

I’m doing away with One Timers. Some One Timers told you what I thought about the track, but most only passed on the necessary details. You can find that anywhere, as I stated above. That’s my own fault and I apologize for that. I will do better. To do so, I’m doing away with the longer form of MP3 and Stream posts as well. Yes, if you’re keeping score, I did just say I was removing both short posts and long posts (for singles, anyway).

All singles, with rare exception, will be reviewed in this form going forward (symbolism incoming):


Sticky notes folks. The wave of the future…at least for Sirens of Decay.

It’s messy. It’s unprofessional. It’s a showcase of bad handwriting. It’s also genuine, succinct, and a happy medium between providing my personal take and conserving my sanity with the amount of submissions I need to go through. All the relevant “X is releasing Y” will be included in text at the bottom of each post, as well as a text write-up of the sticky note for those of you who don’t read chicken scratch. I’ve got a good amount of these stored up for old posts since this has been my method of note taking while listening for a while now (you should see my desk), so I might update those posts with the notes that I have.

We’ve definitely reached the West Coast of post length for a non-musical review, so I’ll end my soul searching, hand wringing, and introductions with a heartfelt “Thank you for reading!”

It’s been a pleasure.

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