MP3: The Novel Ideas – On Fire

0 Posted by - 04/27/2011 - One Timer

I stumbled across The Novel Ideas and their free Summer Demos EP a few days ago and have been giving it the once over, revving the engine to see if she runs. It’s a great folk release; very poppy with some great melodies and some nice song crafting.

“On Fire” is filled with happy vibes, from the clean ringing rhythm of the guitar on down the line. Everything lines up perfectly for a beautiful summer track that will surprise you with the direction the guitar work goes when you first hear it.

I had a friend who claimed that new music was awful because unlike The Beatles, The Stones, etc, modern music never went anywhere. There was no crescendo. “On Fire” has it’s own nice little crescendo into the main part of the track. Some folks are just music bigots, I guess.

I’ll keep jamming to The Novel Ideas.

You can download the four song Summer Demos EP on the band’s bandcamp.

The Novel Ideas – On Fire

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