The Ross Sea Party Needs You (aka: You Donate, “Thunder” Rolls)

0 Posted by - 03/27/2012 - One Timer

Bad pun, am I right? Regardless, The Ross Sea Party need your crisp ones, tens, twenties and even those fat hundies to help them create an album. As I type, they sit about $1,400 short of a $10,000 goal with eight days to go…plenty of time for you to rob a bank and forward them some cash before you go to jail.

You don’t know The Ross Sea Party? For shame, good sir or ma’am. For shame. We’ve only been telling you about them for the past year or so…I mean there was the post about Plains Of Id (the band’s first EP) and then another one about “Thunder” which you would have to be a fool not to love.

So you go listen to those tracks and once you’ve sated your curiosity click this handy little Kickstarter link and see if you can’t find some love in your heart.

Oh, and money in your wallet.

MP3: The Ross Sea Party – Thunder

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