Summer of Sirens: A Sirens of Decay Playlist For Your Summer

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It’s been some time since we’ve released a playlist here at Sirens of Decay. The end of March to be exact (you can pick that playlist up here). Once again, more music has came in the last few months than a music fanatic can wrap his head around…but that doesn’t mean there haven’t been some tracks we’ve enjoyed more than others.

This blog has grown a lot since our last playlist was released. We’ve moved from WordPress to Tumblr. Things are much easier to post in an efficient manner via Tumblr, and posts are more visible, so our traffic is increasing as well as our output. We’ve created a Twitter account and a Facebook page to help us spread the good word.

We’ve reviewed some albums, and I conducted our very first couple of interviews with Lightouts and LA Font and have one or two more lined up for the near future. All in all, a good couple of months of growth for two dudes who love music and letting other folks know about it.

So, now I give you a thank you for reading and listening. This playlist is loaded with awesome tracks, some/all of which we have reviewed here, and contains artists you’ve never heard of and artists you probably know well (and links to the original posts where applicable). Not all tracks are new this year (most are), but they are new to me.

All I ask is that you give every song a listen and a chance.

Thanks again for reading!



Summer of Sirens Tracklist:

  1. I Am A Hologram – Mister Heavenly
  2. The Chase Is On – Hoodie Allen
  3. Gone Bananas – Nick Diamonds
  4. Little Illusion Machine (Wirral Riddler) – Arctic Monkeys (The Death Ramps feat. Miles Kane)
  5. My Mind Is An Avalanche – Mittenfields
  6. You Were Young – The Dead Ships
  7. I Might – Wilco
  8. Lazy Bones – Wooden Shjips
  9. Flashlight Tag – Sleepy Vikings
  10. Sharks – LA Font
  11. Terrified (Happy Days Are Ahead) – Falcon
  12. Money – The Drums
  13. Under Covers – Modern Moonlight
  14. Sweetest Touch – Gross Magic
  15. Act On Impulse – We Were Promised Jetpacks
  16. See Clear – Lightouts
  17. Cough Syrup – Young The Giant
  18. Something To Shake – The Black Cadillacs
  19. Lord Knows Best – Dirty Beaches
  20. Make-Up Sex – G-Eazy
  21. Black Water – Timber Timbre

Download: Summer of

Older Playlists – Download: March of

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