Stream: Woman’s Hour – I Need You

0 Posted by - 02/20/2014 - One Timer

Stumbling across good music is an acquired skill. You leap frog from this track to that, this Bandcamp to that, this blog to that blog, and you gather a nice collection of “food” to take back to your nest. A lot of bloggers get a ton of submissions a day and I am no different. Sometimes, though, you just wanna do it like you did before anyone blew up your e-mail – all organic-like, you might say. Let the music find you.

[pullquote align=”right”]I want to play, never too late to start again, to make anew, to swim against tidal waves come and go[/pullquote] “I Need You” was one of those organic finds. Actually, it was probably about as organic a find as it gets for me. I left Soundcloud playing after a track, and it kept playing, and kept playing, exhausting the recommended tracks and eventually landing on “I Need You”. I remember thinking the track was so sweet, but so haunting.

Glancing over the lyrics, Woman’s Hour weren’t really going for haunting. That considered, the voice of Fiona Jane Burgess has this celestial quality that makes me a little sad. Not all sadness is bad, however. The longing found in “I Need You” is something anyone who has been in a relationship has experienced; a cross country trip alone, a lover serving overseas, a lonesome night in an empty apartment. We’ve all been there.

Emotive and beautiful, Woman’s Hour set the bar high with nothing more than a B-side. Imagine what that ‘A’ sounds like?

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