Stream: Wolfcolony – Beauty

0 Posted by - 08/03/2013 - One Timer

For a Saturday in the early parts of August, it’s awful dreary in Kentucky. Really it’s been fairly dreary all week, as the sunny days of July wound down and clouds and rain decided to hang out above wherever I’ve been located. When you consider the nice weather we had for a stretch there, it’s a tad depressing, but at least I’ve got all this music to catch up on indoors.

“Beauty” by Wolfcolony has been my soundtrack for this grey Saturday. Well, to be fair, the entire meager Wolfcolony catalog has provided the backdrop to my day, but for now we’re gonna focus on this one cut. So Wolfcolony is duo consisting of a singer-songwriter fella named wolf (srsly, that’s what he goes by) and producer Neal Sarin. wolf’s songwriting skills are no county fair level endeavor, nor a random hussy you pick up at a bar. It only takes a dive into the deep end of “Beauty” to realize it. His voice fits beautifully with Sarin’s production, combine that with his ability to write a good hook with a compelling theme and you’re five or six plays in before you realize it.

Hey yeah yeah yeah, it’s an unbelievable shame I hadn’t  heard these songs before last night. There’s also “Calling” and “Youth” to check out, if you are willing to venture over to Soundcloud. I wonder if wolf will give me one of those cool masks so I can terrorize my bulldog? It’d be amazing.

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