Stream: William Alexander – Come Find Me

1 Posted by - 08/29/2015 - One Timer

I first wrote about William Alexander around a year and a half ago after his tunes slid into my inbox. I’m not certain I have heard from him again (tl;dr my inbox is about 6,000 e-mails into the backlog) but Bandcamp alerted me that he’d dropped some new work. Play was pressed. Enjoyment was had. Another day, another trove of new music found.

“Come Find Me” seeps into my brain as an image of a child playing in the corner of a large room. He’s building the most magnificent Lego construction his little mind can think up, but he has to be very quiet. I don’t know why he has to be quiet, but he is. He’s so quiet in fact he’s afraid no one will find him. That probably has about as much relevance to Mr. Alexander’s songwriting as drugs at a Revival, but hey.

Go pay what you like at Bandcamp and support this man.

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