Song of the Week (Stream): Wildlife Control – Different

0 Posted by - 01/29/2013 - One Timer

diffIt’s kind of confusing, I know. The last post was about Wildlife, now this one is about Wildlife Control. Can’t you see it’s “Different”?

Showcasing some gorgeously designed album art, the brothers Shah return to your eardrums with a new track “that blends classical minimalism with our indie rock sound.” They put the words right in my mouth. I’ve not been able to get in the vehicle and really blast “Different” like I would prefer to do, but preliminary results suggest that on the basis of the sound alone this new track might dig it’s hooks into me even further than “Analog or Digital”.

“Different” is a bit more whimsical than I would have expected, at least at first blush. Once the guitars pump in during the chorus and begin chugging and churning beneath that awesome falsetto refrain of “it’s all right, be different”, the whole package puts a smile on my face.

Somewhere in there, you’ll find the same vanilla flavored version one-point-zero Wildlife Control you fell in love with. This new Wildlife Control is the oreo blizzard, the next iteration, the first step on a new moon. I don’t know how you couldn’t love it.

I suppose you could call me a Wildlife Control homer, but it’s not homerism if it’s true, right?

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