Stream: Wildlife Control – Brooklyn

0 Posted by - 07/30/2012 - One Timer

In January a band by the name of Wildlife Control sent me this knockout pop track “Analog or Digital”. A few months later, I got a chance to hear the Spin EP and said it “might make you take a step or two in public you might otherwise reserve for the bedroom mirror”. Now, buoyed by tons of love from the blogs these guys are releasing their debut LP…self-titled, of course!

“Brooklyn” is the first track off the debut and it’s, simply put, a pretty feel good anthem. The falsetto vocals that sneak their way into your speakers at the end of each chorus are a tender touch, lending my anthem claim some serious cred. The brothers really know how to make the most of everything at their disposal – I’m definitely loving the piano led breakdown.

My favorite part of the track:

We don’t care, we don’t care what you wanna do, we just wanna ride bikes and make catchy beats, and that’s why everybody’s moving to Brooklyn

These guys are awesome, right down to the convenience store shopping experience in the background at the end.

You can purchase your copy of Wildlife Control tomrrow, as well as hit up the duo on Facebook.

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