Stream: Wild Nothing – A Dancing Shell

0 Posted by - 04/24/2013 - One Timer

Wild Nothing is pretty spectacular. This is nothing groundbreaking. This new single, “A Dancing Shell”, fits that mold to a “T”.

If not for the fact that Night Panther’s “All For Love” had already stolen my heart, this new Wild Nothing track would probably be my track of the week. It’s dripping with retro and totally dipped and sprinkled with all of the little checkmarks that make for awesome pop music. Interesting vocals, intriguing instrumentation, a killer groove or beat – all there, all accounted for.

I’ve been unable to decipher the lyrics so far, but I’m gonna tie it last night’s Washington Capitals win anyway. My favorite hockey team (yes, hockey! See “Red Lights”, “Faceoff”, and “Shorthanded Goals” for feature names…too much?) is the Capitals, and they just completed a pretty startling worst to first in their division and are now going to be the third seed in the NHL playoffs.

Thanks to that win against the Jets last night, my wife and I were “dancing shells”.

To summarize: Wild Nothing are great. The new single is awesome. You should watch more hockey. Go Caps!

IN FIVE WORDS OR LESS: I’ll be your monkey every night

Six words again…sigh. Pre-order Empty Estate, the 7 track EP which features “A Dancing Shell”, on iTunes.

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