Stream: White Laces – Crawl/Collapse

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Some tracks feel good when you hear them. It’s something about the tone, or maybe it’s the vocals that sets you off. Sometimes you get lucky and you find a track that sparks with you instantly, it’s sound undeniable. From the first ringing notes of “Crawl/Collapse”  by White Laces it was love at first audio.

The vocals are washed over and filtered to a fine fuzzy point. It sounds a bit like your voice in your head when you have a set of headphones in – very fluid and very gentle, almost removed from the scene and narrating from afar.

There are these hauntingly poignant guitar licks in the verses, higher notes strummed out in this echo-y shimmer that cascades through the speakers surprisingly well, accentuated by every beat. The breakdown into the instrumental at 1:50 has serious teeth, with a bit of crunch added that’ll make you slap those hands on that steering wheel in concert.

It’s funny because my first thought about this track was that I loved the whole arrangement, but that I could also probably listen to the instrumental and still think it was exceptional. Unknown to me at the time, the last 3 minutes of the track is just that. In short, I got my cake and got to eat it too.

White Laces are from Richmond, VA and they are releasing Moves on August 21st on Speakertree Records. You might wanna circle that date.

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