Stream: Wealthy Ghost – Excuse, Please

0 Posted by - 04/23/2013 - One Timer

My google sleuthing says this might just be the first time “Excuse, Please” is featured on one of these “music blogs”. This is probably because these songs just boiled up out of the ether, fresh faced and ready for their time in the sun. Based on the sounds of “Excuse, Please”, they might just spend some time there.

Wealthy Ghost is the musical vehicle for Milwaukee songwriter, Pete Kostrivas. That’s the length and breadth of what I know about this project. He’s running a Kickstarter to get the forthcoming album printed on vinyl…regardless of it’s success, it’s going to be mastered to vinyl.  I know everyone seems to have an opinion on Kickstarter, good or bad. Mine is simple. If folks are willing to pay for it, there’s no reason not to do it. You just cut out the middle man. Hopefully Mr. Kostrivas will see dividends with his own.

“Excuse, Please” has this neat synth – it reminds me of that iOS game Bumpy Roads. It has nothing to do with that game, it’s just what comes to mind for me. A feeling, I guess you could say. There’s touches of guitar, but the majority of this track is just electronic bliss mingled with a healthy dose of well-worn vocals. Wealthy Ghost doesn’t have the greatest singing voice you’ve ever heard, no sir. He makes due with what he has and certainly makes it work well in context; his music and his words mesh well.

Check out some more tracks from Good Luck at Bandcamp. Stream “Excuse, Please” below.

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