Stream: Vinyl Thief – Pipes

0 Posted by - 05/03/2012 - One Timer

Vinyl Thief was a surprise find for me last year – I stumbled on a live performance of their track “White Light” and really dug it. I put it up and I guess you could say they faded into the back of my mind as more new stuff flooded into my inbox.

Now they have released a new EP, Rebel Hill, which is pretty…well, excellent. “Pipes” is hands down my favorite of the new release. It’s a swanky groove with a nice rhythm – the kind that makes you instantly dance, or sing, or feel better about whatever it is you feel down about. When that guitar starts stroking in the buildup of the chorus…yes, sir – I would expect nothing less from a band with a name like Vinyl Thief.

You can grab Rebel Hill via the Vinyl Thief website and find Vinyl Thief on Facebook.

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