Stream & Video: Tuden – About A Hat

0 Posted by - 08/03/2013 - One Timer

From beginning to end, “About A Hat” makes you feel good. With a voice that’s drenched in honey and smiles, Tuden Jamir sings a song about a hat that cuts to the very essence of beautiful, carefree pop music. I’ll admit, a good sliver of the charm in this track lies in the video, but from the first “ba-baba-ba-bada” to the last, the whimsical nature of this track gets me in the warm feels. “About A Hat” is peaceful music, made for quilts sat upon hills in the sunshine. Feel that breeze? No more stress.

Being a completely independent artist, I’m still fairly surprised when watching the video for “About A Hat”. It’s not a novel-worthy story by any means, but the narrative driving the video is as quirky and refreshing as the track itself.

I’ve gotta ask though, he returns the hat and walks away and that’s it? Really?

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