Stream & Video: Hoodie Allen – Fame Is For A**holes (FIFA) (feat. Chiddy)

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The Great Communicator returns two days ahead of his new mixtape release with another (self) leaked single. Known throughout the Hoodie Mob as “FIFA”, or as I call it, “the one with that basketball video”, Hoodie proclaims this is his favorite track on the upcoming Crew Cuts.

The beat bumps nicely, and immediately reaches into my brain and takes me back to earlier Hoodie Allen tracks. It’s very carefree, with a nice, light, key-led melody and a very playful Hoodie returning to what most fans would call his “sweet spot”. He delivers his signature mix of clever and corny wordplay. Gotta give him props for name dropping my English bulldog on this track. I didn’t know we were that tight, bro. (His name is Odysseus S. Grant, or Odis…Odie is one of the many names he is called, along with some others my wife would rather I didn’t repeat!)

There’s also a decent cameo from Chiddy, as well as a very large, tongue in cheek hook that showcases the increasing vocal control and range of the rapper.

It’s early, but at a glance “Fame Is For Assholes” feels like it might have the best hook that Hoodie Allen has written since going all original production for All American. It’s not so much that the lyrics are particularly stronger than previous efforts, or even that they are more memorable; the hook is just molded so well into the beat that the whole experience is very seamless. Plus there’s the awesome octave dropping continuance of the refrain. I know it annoys some folks, but I love when artists add a little personality to a track like that. It makes the hook.

It seems I liked “Cake Boy” better than some; however, when compared to “Fame Is For Assholes” I can understand why there were folks who were underwhelmed. I enjoyed Hoodie’s new twist on the previous track, but it’s almost always good to hear an artist just like you remember them, isn’t it?

Watch the video below, or you can grab the MP3 on iTunes. The mixtape Crew Cuts drops for free on February 20th.

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