Stream: Vance Joy – Riptide

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I try to keep my ears open when it comes to the indie music scene. You honestly never know where you’ll get great music from, or when. It’s a total crapshoot. Some weeks everyone submitting and releasing is killing it and you’ve got tons to write about, some weeks you struggle to put up a track a day, or at least that’s been my experience.

If you look through Sirens of Decay’s backlog, you’ll notice gaps in history where nothing was happening. It wasn’t laziness – it was simply nothing grabbed my ear, or I became stuck on something that I had recently wrote about and just couldn’t stop listening to it.

Over time, I’ve learned that when my own submission well dries up and I’m not getting what I want to make my eardrums smile, that I should head abroad and see what’s going on in the rest of the indie blog world to find some inspiration. More so, however, I’ve learned to see what could be seen elsewhere because a lot of these tracks simply aren’t worth missing. That’s how I found “Riptide”.

Hilly Dilly is one of the best music blogs on the net. They also discovered Vance Joy, an Australian singer/songwriter who is releasing an EP on March 22nd. “Riptide” is a finely distilled version of folk-pop, extremely upbeat and every bit the type of track I referenced above…you know, the ones that make your eardrums smile. It’s funny, Liberation Music – one of the labels behind Vance Joy – also were the label of New Gods whom we wrote about a few weeks ago.

Put “Riptide” on and get ready for God Loves You When You’re Dancing. You can also stream the first track released off the EP, “From Afar”, below.

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