Stream: TSTI – In Loving Memory/Love & Truth

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I’m no electronics expert. Not with TVs. Not with computers. Not with “electronic” music. I merely claim to be a dabbler a best, and one with a very narrow scope at that. I’ve said it before, I am always surprised with an electronic submission comes across the inbox because it is definitely outside the norm of what I get on a day-to-day basis. Usually, this is a good omen. I have a much higher conversion rate (genre received to genre published in this case) on this kind of music than any other.

So an artist named TSTI sent me over their album Evaluations and I did some digging. Like I said, I’ll not claim to be the biggest fan of synths in the world but I can jam a little to some every now and again. The dark sounds I found on this album were…well, precisely what I was looking for at 2:32 AM CST. I was particularly taken by the tracks “Love & Truth” and “In Loving Memory”. You always hear about bedroom pop that is kind of hazy, beautiful, sunsoaked goodness. What about the dark side of that particular Force? Well, TSTI (S. Smith in the regular world) has you covered.

It’s hard to say a track with dark tones and somewhat dour subject matter makes you happy, but “In Loving Memory” does just that for me. I love the galloping feel of this track as well as the continual peaks and valleys – it really feels like it’s going somewhere. I probably fell in love in particular at around the 3:00 mark where the track evolves into a clamor of claps, synths and noise that would restart any heart.

“Love & Truth” is a little more eerie, a little more dark. My first listen to the intro only made me think of the dark side of “Thriller”, but as much as it’s the werewolf and the goblin, it’s the twinkling of the stars. I would go into further detail, but this is far from my genre of forte and I’m hardly known for effusive talk about the inner workings of songs; suffice to say it’s a great track on a very interesting album that you should probably check out.

You can grab Evaluations on TSTI’s Bandcamp and stream “In Loving Memory” and “Love & Truth” below.

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