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As the countdown ends, Tom Williams & The Boat’s “Teenage Blood” stalks in on an immensely satisfying riff; the same kind of jangly madness you might hear in your city bars at night. The difference? There’s a dissonance in the makeup of this song, an edge that gives “Teenage Blood” the kind of quality that the title promises.

Ultimately, lead singer Tom Williams vocal style reminds me a lot of Carl Barât circa Dirty Pretty Things. This may seem like an odd comparison, but I have to say as a huge fan of said lyricist there’s not much that could have sold me quicker. The band is labeled as “anti-folk” and I kind of like the genre title. The dissonance I mentioned earlier definitely gives a unique flavor to the folk sound; a little bit of sour with all that wistfulness.

Tom Williams & The Boat will be releasing their newest album Teenage Blood here in the US on May 1st. You can pre-order the album here. You can even get a nice blood red vinyl 7″ of this single…I think I might pick that up.

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