Stream: Thunderhank – House

0 Posted by - 08/16/2013 - One Timer

My initial reaction to this band name was a Breaking Bad reference about the role of Hank Schrader in the final eight episodes. Instead it’s a duo of two brothers (Henry and Sam Bellingham) from Los Angeles. They released two singles before the summer and sent them over to me last night, fulfilling my desire for interesting new music in the way only random submissions can.

“House” is a divine piece of experimental pop that packs a surprising punch in the form of it’s simple refrain: “Dream, baby, dream.” It’s hard not to as the single slowly envelopes your eardrums heading to it’s conclusion, imploring you to keep chasing. These two brothers also have another track out, “Tracker”, which is a little more straightforward on the pop front, a sit back and relax piece of bliss. Listen to it on Soundcloud.

I didn’t see a spot to download or purchase the tracks, but maybe the guys will hit me up with that link after this post goes live.

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