Stream: The Vaccines – Melody Calling

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You could argue that Come Of Age was The Vaccines version of countrymen Arctic Monkeys Humbug. I mean, obviously there was a lot more pop and it was a great deal more accessible than the third Arctic Monkeys album, but it still resided a long walk from where The Vaccines started. There were psychedelic sounds and the band itself seemed to take a more much well rounded approach to the construction of each song; all instrumentation seemed more noticeable over Justin Young’s vocals. Regardless of your thoughts about Come Of Age versus What Did You Expect From The Vaccines? their singles with B-sides crafted and performed by different band members was freaking awesome, particularly the first one performed by Árni titled “Blow Your Mind”. He sounds like Richard Ayoade from The Mighty Boosh while singing and it’s spectacular.

Talk about a surprise while browsing my Soundcloud feed. “Melody Calling” just dropped out of the blue from the London pop outfit. Not coincidentally, that’s exactly what this track is – a huge exercise in pop. There’s not an overarching, memorable riff minus the short solo burst about two-thirds of the way into the track. There’s no clever tongue in cheek lyrics. There’s just melody calling, again and again and again. Strangely, though the substance seems quite lacking it’s actually a pretty decent track and another interesting new direction for the band.

I struggle with giving The Vaccines a pass for changing their sound so much even though I have freely given that pass to The Strokes and Arctic Monkeys. That said, I’ll keep at it. What did we really expect from The Vaccines? To remain in stasis in 2010/11? Not likely. 

Still, can someone get Justin a haircut?

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