Stream: The Snowy Owls – Within Yr Reach

0 Posted by - 11/08/2012 - One Timer

One of the bands I discovered in my time living near Richmond was The Snowy Owls, a four piece fuzzy rock outfit that really grabbed me with the magnificent “Yr Eyes” earlier this year when I stumbled on them via the band White Laces (coincidentally another great band from that area). What else do they have besides a love for things that are “yrs”? A hell of a sound, that’s what.

It’s 2 AM and the night is winding down. The Snowy Owls and “Within Yr Reach” sound just like that. I know you’re thinking,  “That could mean anything!” You’re exactly right. This band can sound like that amazing afterglow after a long night of fun, the unwind and the possibility for maybe just a little more excitement before you crash. Depending on your mood, “Within Yr Reach” can also remind you that the party is ending and things are about to go back to the way they were…also known as your mundane life. It has a somber tone – it could easily rate as self assured as it feels melancholy. What makes the actual “sound” of the track that much more interesting is that “Within Yr Reach” is actually a bit of a love song, or at least a track about chasing love.

The Snowy Owls are going to release the eight track Within Yr Reach EP on November 13th. I don’t have a buy link as of yet, but you can find another track to stream along with “Within Yr Reach” on their Bandcamp page – I imagine you can purchase it there on the day of. You can also grab Outta My Reach which is a two track EP of B-sides from the forthcoming EP, I do believe. Do yourself a favor and check out their other work – it’s great stuff.

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