Stream: The Snowy Owls – Feels Like Summer

0 Posted by - 08/13/2013 - One Timer

Does it still feel like summer for you guys? Outside of the ridiculous humidity, it hasn’t been very summer-like for the past week in Sirens of Decay-land. More like spring, really. It was overcast and/or rainy for most of last week in Bowling Green, then after driving four hours to Knoxville for the weekend to visit family it was overcast and rainy for the most part there as well. Hell, I’ve been back in Kentucky for three days and it’s still the same. Where is that sunshine?

While it’s muggy and hot, though, turn your ears toward “Feels Like Summer” by Richmond’s The Snowy Owls. You know that slow, lethargic feeling you get when you move from the comfort of air conditioning into a 90 degree day? These dudes have captured it perfectly, minus the discomfort. You could listen to “Feels Like Summer” languishing on a beach in the breeze, or you could hit repeat while melting on your front porch steps in your hometown; this cut is ready for either occasion.

With hazy guitars and gloriously lamenting vocals, The Snowy Owls return with yet another excellent EP. The entire theme of this collection “is an indulgence of sun-drenched haze and spirit with a bit of nagging undertow in the long tradition of summer songs. It’s fuzzy heat with excursions into dreamy summer nights.” You can stream the entirety of the EP on Soundcloud or cough up $3 and grab it on Bandcamp.

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