Stream: The Neighbourhood – Female Robbery (New Version)

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When The Neighbourhood announced they were releasing a new version of “Female Robbery” I’m sure there were some folks who paused for a minute and were like “Huh.” Then there were those folks who thought it’d be interesting. Last but not least, there are those who would detest it even if they lined the inside of every new copy of the I’m Sorry… EP with gold.

You can put me firmly in the interested category.

You’ll notice the first difference right at the beginning. In the original, the screams and buildup are a bit muted and there’s this small hint of distortion or fuzz on the  bassline that runs through the track. The percussion also sounds a bit more like it’s in the room with you, deadened in a way by whatever was around.

As the new version starts up , the screams are full force. They are primal, almost howling and that distortion on the bass is now noticeable as individual notes – a little cleaner, yet somehow a bit darker sounding, to be honest. There a few new touches added to the vocals. This is basically some reverb in some spots that adds just a bit more to the atmosphere…which is ultimately what this new track is about. When you watch the new video and hear this version of the track, it sounds as haunted as the girl during the majority of the production.

The most notable exclusion for my ears was the removal of “We’re gonna die, die, die…” from the repeated refrain near the end of the track. I say removed, but it sounds like it might be there in the background only sped up into chirp mode. It does finally kick in around the three minute mark, but it’s a much less dreary sounding version of the most memorable part of the track (for me anyway).

It would take some major convincing from someone to swing me into the camp of this being a bad change for “Female Robbery”. This was not something the group had to do. They just felt like they should. At it’s bare bones, it’s basically a new mix where some sound levels were changed and a few frills were added. On the surface, however, it goes from being a track that sounded great to just that much better.

You can grab the new version of I’m Sorry… on iTunes and also find your own house in The Neighbourhood on Facebook. And supposedly, those bad ass upside down house t-shirts are gonna be up the band’s website (in a brand new online store – hopefully with vinyl?!) later this week. Do want.

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