Stream: The Multiple Cat – The Hill Part I

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The Multiple Cat is a pretty interesting name, don’t you think? What makes up a multiple cat? Siamese and Cheshire? Persian? Bengal? Shorthair? Or maybe some combination of all of those or some other unheard species we don’t know about. I have no clue, but I can see a many tailed beast creating some beautiful pop music and calling it “The Hill Part I”.

You can find yourself in all kinds of moods, places, and situations. You’re hard pressed to find yourself in a circumstance where this song wouldn’t be great. There’s not something immediately notable about it on first blush, but digging a bit deeper you find the gold. The lyricism is top notch, and while you may have heard tracks like “The Hill Part I”, there’s not a whole lot of bands that can produce them this well. Simply put, it sounds magnificent.

In the e-mail I received the details were simply: “There are 6 chords in this song. The Hill is a metaphor for non-existence. It is the place where potential forms wait to “be”. In the case of The Hill Pt 1, (it’s about) a person who has come and gone, in and out of existence.”

So, yeah. That’s a little deeper than hybrid cats.

This is also apparently The Multiple Cat’s first recording in over a decade. Patrick Stolley also moonlights as one of those (amazing) folks who run studios that record the live acts for His is Future Appletree Studio Too.  If you haven’t been to Daytrotter yet…

YOU GOT TO PICK A PAST TO BELIEVE IT…I’ll choose one where I have actually heard the older The Multiple Cat recordings. I feel like I’ve committed a crime against my ears and mind by missing out on this. Don’t allow yourself to suffer the same fate!

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