Stream: The Micks – On And On

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themicksHot on the heels of fellow Brooklyn band The N’ere Dowells latest release, Sirens favorite The Micks put out the Brooklyn Bound EP on Thursday. Last year they sent over their single “Go To Sleep” it stayed in regular rotation in my playlists during the summer. You can guess my excitement for four new tracks from the garage rockers.

Things haven’t changed a whole lot with The Micks sound and that is undeniably a great thing. There’s no real mincing or hand wringing in The Micks repertoire; they record themselves in a live sounding setting, creating a party-like atmosphere that makes you wanna run through the streets. No pretense, just rock ‘n roll and sweet hooks.

Yeah, what happens when we’re dead and gone? How long must we go on?

My favorite track on the new EP, “On And On”, has this introspective quality to it that I absolutely adore. The intermittent bursts of bright guitars and more relaxed sound are a welcome friend at any occasion. Before the close of the track, The Micks make certain you knew they were there as they kick it into more familiar territory with raucous riffs and raspy vocals.

If you are looking for something a bit more raw, something that doesn’t feel like it was filtered numerous times for “quality” and waxed to a reflective shine, you’ll love The Micks. They leave the haze, the booze, the smoke, and the blood all on their sleeves and showing through in their songs.

Stream the “On And On” below or grab your own full copy of the EP for pay-what-you-want on Bandcamp.

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