Stream: The Lad Mags – You Don’t Love Me

5 Posted by - 03/13/2014 - One Timer

The Lad Mags are another of the awesome gang of Edmonton artists and bands recommended to me by the folks at Bicycle Noise. They craft ’em mighty in Alberta, apparently, which is all you wanna hear when you’re digging for new tunes to geek out to endlessly.

“You Don’t Love Me” is the b-side to the Lover/You Don’t Love Me 7″ from The Lad Mags; a two minute jaunt of fuzzy guitars and sublime female vox that is a shade more hand-clapping foot-stomper than sad reflection or surrender. I sense a hint of sarcasm in the delivery of lines like “yes I love you, I’ll do anything you say.” It could be projection on my end, but it doesn’t feel like The Lad Mags are the type to be stepped on.

Supposedly, maybe, possibly…there is an album coming out from The Lad Mags later this year. Pick up Lover/You Don’t Love Me on sweet red vinyl at Bandcamp.

And if you don’t know the deal behind lad mags, not to worry. You’ve got Google and incognito browse mode for that now, bud.

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