Stream: The Griswolds – Mississippi

0 Posted by - 11/22/2013 - One Timer

When I think about the Griswolds, I think about National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. The Chevy Chase film is something of a family tradition for my generation in my family, as my mother’s side of the family watches it while decorating their Christmas tree each year. Since having kids, my wife and I have our own film with the boys (hint: it has Bing Crosby in it), but I still have fond memories of Christmas Vacation.

These Griswolds, specifically The Griswolds, are a band from Sydney that have put out a track about walking along the Mississippi. I couldn’t tell you if they’ve ever walked along the Mississippi, or even been in it’s vicinity. Ultimately, that’s irrelevant because this infectious track will make you want to head over and walk your own two feet down those muddy banks.

The track is another blast back to warmer climes (it was also released six months ago), so enjoy the warm breeze while it pours into your headphones.

You can download it for free on their website.

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