Stream: The Features – This Disorder

0 Posted by - 03/18/2013 - One Timer

Pop rock, when executed correctly, can’t really be beat in my eyes. It has to possess great grooves that induce the head nod as well as any hip-hop track, combined with the same catchiness you’d find in any regular pop hit. “This Disorder” by The Features walks this line with precision.

For starters, it’ll get stuck in your head within minutes. From the sparse drum and bass plus vocals intro, to the slightly more blues-y vocals in the chorus, you won’t be able to help from getting hooked. The touch of keys is the icing on the cake.

It’s great to see these dudes continuing on for their fourth LP. Before their last LP Matt Pelham said, “I feel like we walk this fine line. We’re not weird enough for a certain crowd and we’re a little bit too out there for the other crowd. We fall in the middle somewhere between mainstream and hipster, which puts us in this weird place, but we’re all pretty happy to be here.” I’d have to agree. They aren’t quite mainstream or indie enough for some folks maybe, but they are just right for me.

Grab the single on iTunes. Their fourth LP This Disorder will be out May 14th.

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