Stream: The Bennetts – Dreamkeeper

0 Posted by - 03/06/2014 - One Timer

“Dreamkeeper” threw me for a loop, recalling (just barely) a touch of those Dashboard Confessional tracks we all grew up on. Unexpected would be an understatement. Also an understatement? How much I enjoyed that callback. My musical generation (formative years of late 1990’s to early 2000’s) has to be near the top of the pile for generations that, once leaving college and reaching full adulthood, more or less abandoned and disavowed nearly everything they blasted from their original iPods. I’m sure that there are plenty of folks out there still championing KoRn, Dashboard Confessional, and Nelly, but all the folks I know either reverted to earlier music (the 80’s in particular), or are like those of us here who scrape and dig to find the latest great sound.

All of that above has very little to do with The Bennetts, who just happened to have a certain section of a single that made me think of an old band. I doubt they thought of them when they wrote it, and I doubt you’ll care much whether they did once you hear it. “Dreamkeeper” tickles the earballs with an unorthodox delivery; you’re being exposed to a devilishly infectious chorus, but your first listen might miss it. As tracks go, The Bennetts crafted this one for the long haul. It grows more enjoyable with each listen.

“Dreamkeeper” is part of an EP released with the same name on Jigsaw Records. You can grab it on Bandcamp. They’ve got cassettes if you’re into that sort of thing.

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