Stream: Tei Shi – M&Ms

0 Posted by - 07/26/2013 - One Timer

Another gem from Brooklyn. Surprised? You shouldn’t be.

Tei Shi’s first single “M&Ms” isn’t much like the candy, with it’s slow-motion daydream style atmosphere and soft, whispered vocals. “M&Ms” has a mystical quality, with the production providing as much shimmer as Tei Shi’s own words. I’m impressed that this is the first track out. I’d be quite interested to know if Valeri Teicher (the person behind Tei Shi) released other music previously, as every part of this track is well put together.

Tei Shi is dropping the Saudade EP at some point in the future, which will contain “M&Ms”. This is a viable replacement for chocolate.

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