Stream: Teen Mom – Kitchen

0 Posted by - 08/02/2013 - One Timer

This is not the Teen Mom I remember, but it’s a Teen Mom I can get used to. That sounded vaguely lecherous, didn’t it? Well…

“Kitchen” doesn’t have that same breezy feeling like that I remember hearing on some tracks Mean Tom. This track feels like a smoke filled room, fog machine rolling out in layers, and the only breeze is coming from the circular fans on the ceiling. That’s not to say it’s stuffy in the “Kitchen”, its just a little more introspective and thick. You can take the last three sentences and toss them when you reach the antics of the last minute or so, however. Funky overtakes somber with a very interesting end to a pretty excellent track.

I no longer have any dog in the Washington DC music scene since moving to Bowling Green, but I would have liked to catch a Teen Mom show before I went. Maybe one day they’ll head this way.

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